Saturday, January 18, 2014


My book BLANK is now available here:

STOP BEING BLANK BORED OR BROKE. Learn to make your own way in the world. As a child you imagined each day - imagined playmates and animal friends - and existed in a Secondary World of your invention. Yet at the same time you were fully aware of the Primary World of your family of mom and dad and siblings and friends. About age 6-8 we become aware that we have an INNER BEING and this thing called a “personality” which meets the outer world. Our first encounter with the inner and outer being that we are. The inner being is completely invisible and even we don’t know who we really are - except when we get an idea that leads to the making of some thing. Often we’re shocked by what we learn is inside us. Of our innate capacities to imagine (or image or observe or visualize) some thing new. Something never seen before in the world. Such are the mysteries encoded in the human brain. Each of us is unique. A one-off. A never to be seen again being. And yet we see the mass herd of mankind being moved in numbers like a mob moving down the street not knowing even what are its intentions.

BLANK is an unimaginative person. They’re lead around by others. They have lost that childhood core - that imaginative core of powers in the various school systems in the world - each established for the purpose of the state - to perpetuate the agenda of the state. To be a labor source for the corporations. And yet that is not the way the brain works. And we we’re all ill by degree from this wrong existence we're leading. Again the illness that we are (including all brain disorders) is caused by existing wrong. How can our brain function as it was designed to function if we’re constantly being led off to some work (or as is now the growing concern no work) that is alien to our being? Wm Blake said “Man Is Imagination.” Note he didn’t say man has an imagination - but that he Is imagination. BLANK is the result of having read a quote many years ago by Francis Bacon: “Man was given an imagination to compensate him for what he is not. A sense of humor to compensate him for what he is.” If one can spend but a few moments contemplating this quote by Bacon he immediately sees the need for man to find ways to compensate himself for what he is not. If he has no work or no job he must use his brain's capacities to invent one. That includes you and me. He invents a wheel to compensate him for the limits of his feet and legs. Glasses of various kinds to extend his vision. He makes houses to shelter himself since he cannot endure his environment without shelter. He invents boats and planes and rockets to take him where he’s never been before. Does this not reveal how the average man should also exist? 

I spent 6-years day by day writing BLANK. It reveals the human condition circa 2014 and beyond. There are 350,000 children born every day in the world. At least HALF of them have little chance of finding a job. Chronic unemployment is now the norm. The arrow of human population growth points straight up. The arrow for job creation points straight down. The numbers prove that finding a job is going to get progressively harder due to the ever-increasing competition for them. The New York Times said that for every job listing in America there are at present 3 or more applicants. BLANK offers a reasonable and realistic means of restoring our imaginative powers - those unique powers that I claim are man’s only natural powers. All other powers are stored in his weapons his hierarchies his cops courts and prisons. With our imaginative powers restored enough to begin throwing off ideas for some thing that can start providing us with a livelihood of our own making we can return to right existence. Should you decide to investigate the book’s description and take a Look Inside you can do so by clicking on the link above or by clicking on the book’s cover.  

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Through this BLOG I've tried to introduce to the world a way to think about preparing for disasters - natural or manmade. The most successful invention in history was the flush toilet. Why? It literally stopped a number of diseases that came from contact with human feces. Hospitals deal with human feces as TOXIC WASTE. Those who claim to be disaster relief planners need to take a totally new approach to preparedness. 

First responders need to have a sanitation solution with them. Again - first responders need to bring a sanitation solution with them. Some means of alleviating the problem of people having to eliminate their body wastes on the ground or in some alley or out in some field. If all you think about is digging latrines you don't solve the problem: managing human body waste. The object is to keep human body waste away from disaster victims. Not to force them to cope with your solution of simply having a place to eliminate their body waste. Wilderness Toilet Company offers a real solution: HAND EVERY FORTH GROWNUP VICTIM A WILDERNESS TOILET KIT (See video).

Two things happen immediately when you hand a victim a toilet kit. 1) They're given the responsibility to dispose of their own body wastes. All you need do is provide them a receptacle such as a large garbage unit (which can be picked up and replaced with a clean one) or a pit (which you can cover over when it reaches a certain capacity and then dig another). The WILDERNESS TOILET KIT is a dry toilet system and requires none of the precious water needed for drinking and personal toiletries. If you bring in a number of ports-potties you've now taken upon yourself the problem of disposal. Port-a-potties demand a great deal of water to merely flush them out. Forget "cleaning" them. Our way allows responders and others to concentrate on helping victims feeding them clothing them etc.

Finally - many first responders have told us that if they just had some means of helping mothers cope with sanitation quickly - much of the human suffering would be significantly lessened. Now you must admit this isn't rocket science (to use an old cliche). This is pure common sense. 

To reach us simply send an email to: and we'll get back to you immediately.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


I’ve written about this enigma again and again.  And I still get requests to write about it more deeply.  Let’s go down the rabbit hole.  An INDUSTRY is an established form of commercial activity - aka - “THE TOURIST INDUSTRY” - the “TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY.” etc.  People work in an industry everyday.  Not so with the “disaster relief” folk.
When a disaster occurs - say a quake - those charged with assisting the victims - let’s call the “disaster relief specialists” - pick up the phone and begin the process of finding out what resources are available.  Obviously - if disaster relief were an “industry” they’d already know what was available.  Which brings us to this:  WHY DOESN’T THE U.N. ORGANIZE A DISASTER RELIEF INDUSTRY?
Here’s the reason: the U.N. doesn’t have the will.  And I don’t think they have the skill sets necessary to do it right.  For one thing - they don't seem to reach out to companies that know what they're doing - and they don't seem to understand that all the relief provisions would have to be mobile.  Where the provisions are located would have to be coordinated with geologists and weather experts.  Clearly - there are places on planet earth that can be documented as having REOCCURRING DISASTERS - and they would get first priority on the provisions.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Few outside those who monitor their effects globally realize how big quakes affect the whole planet.  Often for years.  It may be hard to believe - but the massive quake in Japan occurred over a year ago this past March 11.  Intense shaking.  A massive tsunami.  Japan’s coastline suffered widespread damage.  As far back as Japan has kept records - this was the BIGGEST.  The quake was so powerful it altered the Earth’s gravity.  This single quake was greater than the power of 50,000 hydrogen bombs.  
The quake ruptured along the seafloor off the coast of the Tohoku region.  Huge cracks were ripped along the seafloor for miles.  Drop an egg on the floor.  Take a look at the damage.  You’ll get a feel for what happened to Mother Earth last year on March 11 in Japan.  The many large quakes that have occurred over the last decade do not seem to be connected to some pattern of disaster - but rather simply the random volatility of the Earth itself.  
What is driven home is how tiny and puny man is in the scheme of things.  This tiny creature roaming about.  A creature that tends to act bigger than he is - is brought down to Earth as it were when one of these babies goes off.  Micro quakes were felt in Taiwan - Alaska - central California.  All those fault lines reverberating as if the strings on a violin.  TWANG!  And the vibrations are felt all over the world.  People moved around like sponges on a plate.  Even in Cuba the buildings swayed.  Cabbies pulled over to the curb.  “What’s going on?” 
Other tremors were felt in such diverse places as central Nebraska and central Arkansas - even near Beijing.  The quake even effected the flow of glaciers in Antarctica.  This was detected by GPS stations located on the ice.  The quake in Japan was so powerful it slightly thinned the Earth’s crust enough to cause a reduction in the local gravity field.  The planet’s rotation sped up because the quake accelerated the Earth’s spin.  Imagine that.  

Nations would rather pay the hundreds of billions of dollars to repair and restore than to spend a few million to prepare.  As I’ve written again and again - there is no disaster relief industry.  None.  You cannot have a disaster relief industry if you don’t have in place the relief needed in the first place.  What happens is that disaster relief becomes an ad hoc enterprise.  A disaster occurs and people ascribed to disaster relief concerns hit the phones to see “what’s available.”  Usually the pickings are slim.  

Thursday, March 8, 2012


One year after Japan's earthquake warning system was put to its sternest real-world test - U.S. researchers have built a system that could provide the same type of advance alerts for quake-prone California — the only problem is that they can't afford to get it ready for prime time.
"I've got a system that works in my office," said Thomas Heaton, director of Caltech's Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory. "It works for maybe 100 of us who are prototyping the system. It's been a grassroots effort where a number of scientists have cobbled it together as a demonstration project. But to turn it into a system where literally 50 million Americans would have everything linked into it? It's not ready for that."
The California network, known as Earthquake Early Warning or ShakeAlert  - has been in development since long before the magnitude-9.0 quake and tsunami that swept over Japan last March 11. It operates much like the Japanese network does: Readings from about 400 seismic monitoring stations around California are processed on a real-time basis, and when a quake is detected, computer software figures out how long it will take seismic waves to reach your location.
The system takes advantage of the fact that two types of seismic waves emanate from the epicenter: The first waves to arrive are primary waves, or P waves, which are followed by slower secondary waves, or S waves. The S waves, which travel through Earth's crust at a speed of about 2 miles per second, produce more up-and-down motion and tend to be more damaging. The P waves serve as precursors, enabling experts to estimate the intensity and arrival time for the S waves that will follow.

Monday, January 9, 2012


I just concluded a series of exchanges (if they can be called that) with some people in the Philippines.  Massive flooding has displaced thousands.  They’re putting victims up in schools and other places. . .that do not have near enough toilets to provide sanitation for thousands of people. . .for weeks. . .months. . .even years.  
I tried to tell them there’s not such thing as a DISASTER RELIEF INDUSTRY.  Disaster relief is always provided ad hoc.  Phone calls are made to “see what's available.”  In Haiti. . .somebody sent a container of rubber boots.  They had a quake not a flood.  Another sent a container of significantly expired packaged food.  “Hey. . .I got a tax deduction coming. . .right?”  
Ever been excited at seeing one of these?

They decided to purchase porta-potties in China.  They had no idea they were suddenly going to be in the “poop-handling” business.  Or that it takes as much as 200 gallons of water to clean a porta-potty.  That you need trucks and a place to clean the porta-potties out.  Few are really cleaned.  Most are full of bacteria from the day they’re set in their nice tidy rows.  These types of toilets. . .the cabana style. . .were designed for short-term events.  People use them with great care.  At a music concert.  A construction site.  Whatever.  But when you have the scope of flooding experienced in the Philippines. . .you must think LONG-TERM relief.

As you know. . .those of you who read this blog. . .I don’t shy away from talking about poop and pee.  Why?  Because although it’s an embarrassment in our existence. . .we all must poop and pee. . .or die.  We must get rid of the wastes in our body.  There is no choice.  So. . .everyone poops and pees and it creates a mess everywhere on the planet.  It also produces A NUMBER OF HAZARDS TO OUR HEALTH.  In many hospitals. . .poop is considered a “biohazardous material” and is carried (when necessary to carry) in red bags clearly marked “Biohazardous material.”
For centuries. . .before the flush toilet. . .now voted by experts as the “Greatest invention in human history”. . .people used some sort of outhouse.  They dug a hole and put a small covered shack above it. . .usually with one or more holes cut in a piece of wood.  Winter. . .didn’t matter.  You went to the outhouse to poop and pee.  Now. . .in many parts of the world we have the flush toilet.  And with it. . . something amazing has occurred. . .people stopped dying of diseases encased in human poop.  Cholera and typhus and other diseases run rampant around latrines and other places where the public comes in contact with the Other’s poop.

In Haiti. . .as cholera now moves south. . .they keep finding poop under the fingernails of children.  Many of whom have already contracted the disease.  You die of cholera by losing body fluids.  In the makeshift facilities where doctors are trying to save people dying of cholera. . .they cut a hole in the cot. . .so the fluids can drain out to a pan beneath it.  The odors are beyond comprehension.  And still authorities insist on repeating this process over and over and over.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Gary White and Matt Damon

Hear. . .hear!  I vote for Matt Damon and Gary White.  At least it appears that they’ve trying to bring attention to the world about how the other half. . .quite literally. . .exists.  You can't travel around the world and count the toilets available to people.  But everywhere in Africa. . .everywhere in Indonesia. . .everywhere in China. . .everywhere in India. . .the Philippines. . .and much of Eastern Europe and Mongolia. . .there are so few public toilets as to make irrelevant any conversation about them.  Essentially we exist in a world WITHOUT toilets.  Of interest. . .the flush toilet was considered by a panel of experts looking over all the inventions of man. . .the wheel. . .electricity. . .etc. . .as the most important invention in history.
Well. . .this blog has railed about this "no toilets in the world" problem for a long time.  We offer a proven solution to disaster sanitation.  PROVEN.  And there's simply no interest to offset the suffering of those without them.  The common solution. . .build latrines. . .is not the solution.  Latrines kill people by passing on communicable diseases. . .much like rivers pass on river fever.  Solid human body waste is dangerous to others.  When people gather at the latrine to relieve themselves. . . they cannot avoid leaving behind bits of their visit.  As Bill Gates said recently. . . the poor must be brought into the global economy.  If they're suffering. . .the global economy is suffering as well.
You. . .the ones who claim to know what you’re doing say. . .No!. . .people are responsible.  They clean up after themselves.  Well. . .that response is irresponsible.  People might do just that. . .if . . .if . . .if . . .if there were the water and soap and time to do so.  There isn’t any of those things.  People wait in lines.  There's great pressure to get into the latrine. . .do your business. . .and get the hell out before the next person pulls you out.  There's great tension at latrines. . .especially for women and young girls.  They'll do almost anything to avoid the filthy latrines at night.  Men too often wait for them.  Latrines are rape zones.
But Damon and White are involved in publicizing the need for decent water and a toilet.  “Nearly 40 percent of the world’s population is still unable to secure a safe glass of water or access a basic toilet.”  Well. . .Matt. . .forget the “basic toilet.”  That is not going to happen.  The Third World is the Third World.  The First and Second Worlds are now in a desperate state of trying to prevent a financial meltdown.  As for the safe glass of water.  If you read any of Charles Bowden’s books. . .you’ll learn about how many cities in America are bringing in their water.  Big cities.  And soon. . .it’s going to be harder and harder to get safe water. . .or any water for that matter. . .to many of these cities.  Every city built in arid areas of America is in danger of losing its water supply.  
Okay. . .back to the Third World (and perhaps the Fourth World as well).  In the article I read on HuffPost about Damon and White. . .it speaks of a painful reality that “has driven philanthropic efforts to help stop the suffering.  Conferences are held.  Master plans are drawn up.  Legislation is passed.  Institutions are getting involved.  Money is raised.  Wells are dug.  Ribbons are cut. 
“But even after decades of charity. . .subsidies. . .multilateral aid. . .and investments on the part of governments and outside non-governmental organizations (NGOs). . .the system remains inefficient and largely misses the goal of providing relief for those at the base of the economic pyramid (BOP) in their daily need to secure water.  The intentions are good. . .but the relief is not trickling down.”  Damon and White are fully aware that there is no relief industry.  Every disaster event. . .a quake. . .a flood. . .a hurricane. . .a tornado. . .wars. . whatever. . .are each handled ad hoc.  “Hey Frank. . .what a you got in the warehouse this time?”
As far as the Fourth World. . .the ever-increasing slum world that surrounds every major city in the world. . .this quote from the HuffPost article tells a story about water and those who have to buy it.  “On average. . .those living in slums pay 7-15 times more per liter of water than owners of nearby five-star hotels.  This is because subsidies are largely delivered through unrealistically low water tariffs. . .if you are too poor to afford a water connection. . .you can't capture the subsidy. 
“Similarly. . .if you are a poor day laborer in Port-au-Prince (Haiti) and you want a drink of safe water to quench your thirst. . .you will pay 250 times more than the cost of New York City tap water.  Those who lack cash pay with their time. . .hours each day spent scavenging for water from public taps that frequently run dry. . . rivers. . .or even drainage ditches. There are nearly a billion people in this trap of water insecurity and about 2.5 billion lack a sanitary toilet.”
A “sanitary toilet” is one that promises to be hygienic. . .meaning you won’t suffer a health hazard by using it.  Now. . .latrines have been in use for millennia. . .and they’ve been the cause of entire armies getting sick.  Yet. . .this is the “thinking” of so-called disaster relief effort planners.  “Okay. . .Charlie. . .we’ll place the latrines here. . .here. . .and here.”  “Right boss.”  This scenario means there is a complete disregard for such a thing as a “sanitary toilet.”